The Hawaiian Dive Company represents excellence in all aspects of diver training and experience. We hold our company to the highest standards in the industry, and believe strongly that scuba diving is about people. Our professional staff help unlock every diver’s potential and offer a safe environment in which to explore and expand their horizons.

We believe that diving is not only about what the underwater world can offer you. Every diver has the opportunity to advocate for our marine environment. We encourage our staff and our clients to be aware of their impact, hone their skills to minimize their “finprint” and help leave a legacy of environmental stewardship and responsible exploration. We take pride in our motto and it informs us in all that we do:

It’s The “Extra” That Makes Us Unique

At The Hawaiian Dive Company we are dedicated to providing more than just good, in-depth diver training. We provide the most extraordinary diving experiences possible on the islands of Hawaii. From education to exploration we integrate all of our programs with impeccable customer service and a sound understanding of ocean conservation. Find your “true spirit” while bonding with the ocean and its wonders… we’ll guide the way.


The Hawaiian Dive Company is always looking for partnerships within the community or industry. From local school programs to exploration opportunities, please contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Questions about our lessons, dives, or certifications? Give us a call! 808-722-6238