1 The Inspiration is Unique

With multiple Patented features. Not gimmicks, but absolute essentials like independent Dual Oxygen Controllers, CO2 Scrubber Monitor, audible alarms, fibre-optic HUDs…

2 Benchmark Design

Such as, Oxygen Control accuracy (+/- 0.05 Bar of Setpoint) that set the CE standard – to mention just one of the Inspiration’s many ‘firsts’…

3 Versatile

One unit – all depths. Configure from Recreational spec to Trimix. Your choice.

4 Easy to Prep

Quick start-of-day set-up and end-of-day replenish.

5 Easy to Dive

Streamlined fit, a dream to fly, with ease-of breathing in all positions.

6 Customise Your Unit

More upgrade options allows you to build your Inspiration to suit you.

7 Intuitive Controls

Simple step-thru calibrate and test. Dive with clarity, control and ease.

8 Redundancy Built-in

Unique back-up oxygen control & power sources, multiple independent displays with effective warning systems and multiple bail-out options.

9 Future-proofed

Fully upgradeable by software upload and hardware plug & play.

10 Constant Innovation

State-of-the-art in-house test facilities ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

11 45+ Year established dive manufacturer

With a proven record of innovation and engineering.

12 Global Market Leader

The most popular and widely used rebreathers on the planet, with all that implies about training, spares and worldwide rebreather support.

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