Freediving & Spearfishing

Freediving (skin diving) has been practiced for thousands of years by native populations in the Hawaiian Islands and throughout the Pacific in conjunction with spear fishing. Spearfishing is now practiced by a wider population, which is why we believe it’s critical that hunting ethics be taught as a part of any spearfishing course.

A simplified definition of freediving is an inch underwater on a breath of air. However, performance free diving is a growing and challenging field. Highly trained free divers can dive to average depths of 122 feet/40 meters. Freediving World Champion and Performance Freediving International (PFI) Instructor Mandy-Rae Cruikshank recently achieved a world record dive of 78m/256 ft. Many people had their first glimpse of Mandy and performance freediving in the award-winning movie The Cove.


To introduce you to the concepts of freediving, we offer a PADI Skin Diving course where you’ll learn to free swim using unique breath-holding techniques and other specialized skills to explore shallow reefs and ocean life.
Cost: $150, all inclusive

*If you’re interested in a PFI course, please let us know.

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