Maori Warrior

The Maori Warrior is The Hawaiian Dive Company own 6-pack dive boat. It has bench space for 6 divers plus the captain and is fully equipped to accommodate divers of every experience level – all through rebreather and the most advanced technical divers. Have an advanced camera rig? No problem. Our staff is happy to accommodate you with freshwater rinse buckets and can hand your rig to you upon entry. Howbout a drysuit? Also no problem. We stick to a rigid departure schedule and – as long as you give yourself a few extra minutes to gear up – there is plenty of space on the dock alongside the pier.

The front of the boat features a spacious dryroom for towels, clothing, bags, and anything else that cannot get wet. For dive gear, there is space under the benches that is safe from banging equipment and feet (though we can’t guarantee this gear will stay dry!)

Charters leave at the following regularly scheduled times:

  • 730 AM (Meet time 715) – Usually reserved for advanced divers, the early morning charter is ideal for wreck and deeper diving as currents and visibility tend to be minimal at this time
  • 11 AM (Meet time 1030) – For Discovery Scuba and entry-level divers, the sun is high in the sky and plenty of light illuminates the dive sites
  • 3 PM (Meet time 230) – An all purpose charter, suitable for divers of every level
  • 530 PM (Meet time 515) – The night charter. Usually includes one dusk dive on a wreck (frequently the Sea Tiger) and another at a reef site after sundown. Fireworks may be visible from the deck of the boat between dives. Year-round, they are fired off from nearby Waikiki beach

The Maori Warrior is our preferred vessel for private full and half-day charters as well as technical/rebreather, standard 2-tank or 2-tank Nitrox, and DPV/Scooter charters.

Please see related information on our boat charters page, and contact the The Hawaiian Dive Company Dive Shop and Retail Center for all scheduling and equipment needs.

Questions about our lessons, dives, or certifications? Give us a call! 808-722-6238